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June 29, 1992
Vincent M. Stroth
To whom it may concern,

    I first heard of David Thiermann from a therapist who knew of David's career counseling expertise. I decided to see David since my current job left me feeling unhappy and burned out. My life was in a transitional phase after playing professional football for six years and working the last two years in a county treatment program for juvenile offenders. I was dissatisfied with my present work where my teaching, coaching, and care left me feeling unappreciated and unchallenged.
    My initial meeting with David was very positive, and after reviewing a portfolio of his clients, I was confident that his abilities would help direct me towards a rewarding career. Through David's system of tests, in-depth back-ground search, and other resources, I found my desire to go back to school and coach football was very strong. David is currently helping me to decide between applying for a master's program in counseling psychology or art, while I pursue a graduate assistant coaching position in football.
    David's positive input, sensitivity, patience and insightful suggestions to me in my career search have been extremely helpful. I highly recommend David to anyone that is seeking a positive change towards finding a career that will be fulfilling for them.


Vincent M. Stroth

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