R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

December 6, 1995

To whom it may concern:

I have been working with computers in a business setting for 17 years. I have implemented various hardware and software systems from conception and design through funding and training. Several years ago I took a job out of necessity. Little did I know the individuals there were not striving for excellence. I began to get more and more unsettled. The atmosphere of mediocrity rubbed off on me. Although I was motivated to change jobs, I had lost the confidence to pursue the change. Affected were my job search activities which were half-hearted and not creative.

David Thiermann was instrumental in awakening the awareness of my own desire to excel, thereby sparking an excitement in me that carried over into my job search. There is a lot said about going into an interview acting capable and confident. With David's help it was no act. I was just being myself.

Mark J. Penniman

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