March 23, 1997
To Whom It May Concern:

When I started working with David Thiermann, I had been working for seven years as a graphic designer and writer for a local manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Even though I had a good job, I never really felt "fulfilled" by it. I had felt that one of the major challenges of my adult life was a lack of focus. I was multi-talented, and had never been able to pick any one field that felt "just right" for me, and stick to it. So instead, I had found a job where at least I could exercise some creativity while getting paid for it. I ended up feeling like I had sold out. I came to David hoping that I could find the focus I needed in order to create a truly satisfying career for myself.

Boy, did I find it! In the course of working with David, I stumbled upon a career possibility that had never occurred to me: becoming a personal coach. A personal coach is a sort of "life consultant" who helps a person clarify their goals and achieve them. Although at first the idea of doing this for a living seemed "too good to be true" to me, with David's help I soon gained the confidence I needed to pursue it. David educated me in techniques to market myself, and after getting a bit of training, I was off and running. The process of building my practice has been ecstatic. I have discovered my "right livelihood," and I know now that coaching is something I'll be doing for the rest of my life. David's marketing techniques have paid off - my business has taken off to the point where I have been able to quit my job and become a full-time coach. I am making much more money and have much more free time than ever before.

David is an enthusiastic and supportive person with an assortment of powerful techniques that, I believe, will work for anyone who will apply them. He has made a huge difference in my life, for which I am profoundly grateful.


Glenn Davis

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