Sept. 10, 1996

To whom it may concern:

After having met with you for about 6 sessions, I have already experienced an improvement in my life. Your most charming and generous style has given me a great boost out of depression and into a better growth in self awareness and self esteem. This whole experience with you so far has prepared me to work on those areas in my life in which I will be able to put into practice the elements that will set up a future private counseling practice.

Deep hole was this.
Darkness and deadly sleep
Were my companions.
Then along came you.
Sent no doubt by the Spirit.
And up came stars and moons.
Then at last the sun,
To brighten every day.
In all aspects of life
Giving gifts that
Never can be measured.
But only thanks
To you and Spirit.
Keep Breathing!

In the past I have had very positive experiences as a priest, high school teacher / counselor and drug and alcohol counselor.

After consulting with you, I have re-discovered my desire to go into private practice as a marriage, family and child counselor. At the same time I am open to the possibilities to do adult education and some lecturing.

Through your guidance I am beginning to practice networking in order to market myself and the services I have to offer.

Thank you,
Frank Campanella

Santa Cruz University™ • David Thiermann • (831) 435-9321